Places to visit in Haa

Located at an altitude of 2638 meters, Haa used to be off limits to tourist till 2002. Since opening it has gained instant popularity with nature lovers and campers. The valley is characterized with important landmarks such as the majestic Meri Phuensum Mountains or three brothers.  Mystically the three mountain is believed to represent scared protecting deities of the valley, Majushri, Vajrapani and Avaloketeshvara. The Dzongs are magnificent, the Dumchung Dzong is said to have been built at right side of Chenrezi mountain and the Wangchucklo Dzong on the left side of same mountain. It is believed that the two dzongs is instrumental in maintaining peace and harmony in the region.

The valley is an easy one and half hour drive from Paro via scenic Chela la pass (3700 meters). The route is highly popular for picnics, cycling tours and motorcycle tours. Furthermore, it can also be accessed through alternate route from Chuzom causeway. The valley features popular nature treks and is ideal for overnight camping admits pristine natural forest and bountiful impressive biodiversity. The white rhododendron is common to the valley. Modest accommodation option catering to tourist is available and one may also choose to stay in local farm houses for a more authentic experience. The popular Haa summer festival offers rare insights into lives of nomad herders and is an excellent opportunity to interact with local villagers and taste the yak meet, yak cheese, Yak butter and local brew Ara. Please refer to our festival calendar for more details. Bhutan Tours program is not complete without a day tour or an overnight stay in this beautiful valley.

Places to see in Haa Bhutan.


Lhakhang Karpo (Black Temple) and Lhakhang Nagpo (White Temple) - Believed to have been built in 7th century the temples are considered highly auspicious and a popular place of pilgrimage for Bhutanese.

Haa monastery: It is said that the Haa Goenpa is an outcome of celestial event and is built in an area were a pigeon, actually lord Buddha in different avatar, was found by a local farmer, who was drawn to the area by enigmatic fires and unexplained sounds of monastic music for several days..

Gyechu Lhakhang: Is dedicated to Ap Chhundu, the dominant guardian deity of the valley and is a poplual pilgrim place for Bhutanese.

Haa Dzong:  The Indian military uses the Dzong as its administrative section.

Dumchung Dzong and Wangchucklo Dzong