Bhutan Airport

Paro international airport is undeniably one of the smallest airports in the world. Therefore, the check-in and check-out out process are relatively seamless. Upon arrival to Paro international airport all passengers are required to fill in the custom declaration form, where one is required to declare electronic items such as camera, video camera, computers and other personal electronic requirements and the same will be checked upon departure as well, If the items are disposed in Bhutan by sale or gift they are liable for customs duty. It is prohibited to smoke in public places in Bhutan and tobacco is 200% taxable. All Tobacco products for personal consumption has to be declared at customs at Airport. Consumers are allowed to bring items as follows:


  • 300 sticks of Cigarette
  • 50 pieces of Cigar
  • 250 grams of other tobacco and Tobacco products

Import and export of items such as religious artifacts, antiques, plants or animal products, especially those of endangered species, ammunitions, explosives, other military equipment, and narcotics are strictly prohibited. Items of personal nature, one liter of alcohol, Photographic equipment, video cameras, electronic goods for personal use and  Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use are allowed after declaring it with the revenue and customs department in the airport. It may also be noted that the airport does not have good restaurants offering good breakfast. Thus for early morning flight, it is recommended to have your breakfast prior or bring a takeaway. While the hassle is limited in the airport, VIP services can be organized by Trophel Tours and Treks. Inside picture of Airport below.